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This GoodNews shall be Preached to Everyone!

In today's world, there are over 7 billion people, and this gives us the opportunity to reach even more people for Christ. We're on our way to reaching every man, woman, boy and girl with God's Word through the GoodNews Revolution.


Join us in reaching the unreached with the Gospel as contained in The GoodNews Daily as we aim to reach over 1 MILLION people in 2018.

Blessing Different Cities and Communities

Through our outreach campaigns and Mission Trips, the GoodNews Revolution has penetrated into every nation on earth, bearing the GoodNews message.


This year 2018, GoodNews Revolution partners have identified many National days, commemorative days, and major holidays, during which they'll organize outreach campaigns, spreading The GoodNews to the world. They've also ear-marked special Mission Trips and Expeditions to bring smiles to people in different countries who require a touch of love and genuine care.


Truly, the growth of The GoodNews Revolution is unstoppable. Join us to bless many more lives through any of these campaigns and Mission Trips.


Be a vital part of making significant attainments for the GoodNews.


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